Saturday, 29 June 2013

Say it will pride!

 Tots forgot about London Gay pride today!! Despite a lot of beach parties, and technicolor celebrations... I have noticed an increasing amount of twitter and Facebook statuses saying ...

"Pride is a protest not a party!" 

...Which, I do agree with somewhat! I mean, of course enjoy celebrating your sexuality, however, our world has developed so much in terms of accepting gay marriage despite conflicting with British matrimonial laws & church by the permission of equal marriage, therefore it seems less necessary to celebrate nor protest because it is now becoming ... Well... The norm! No? 

In saying this, I must point out how magnificent the Empire State looks on this occasion ... 

To the land of sheep

Had a wonderful morning teaching the little monsters of Stadium Theatre School how to stand tall, sing and smile! All of which was in readiness for their upcoming showcase for the mums and dads :) 

As I travel across country back home to the last of sheep, I reflect on the morning's events and establish that for a bunch of 3-11 year olds, they're really quite good! 

Not the best at piano playing, although kids seem to mimic me when I sing to them and they remember patterns of sounds and therefore pick up some technique.... Works anyway! 

Friday, 28 June 2013

Protein for a princess?

So, my later purchase is this tub of promax protein... No no no... Don't worry it's not for me, I'm not bulking or anything! It's for the boy... As a cheeky gift, although I'm not sure if this is actually any good.. I know he prefers chocolate but strawberry was all they had... Hmmmm! Who knows what this stuff does, probably nothing, but at least I'm fulfilling my girlfriend duties ;) 

Costumes & call centers

Got to try on some pretty awesome costumes this week for and upcoming tour that I'm about to embark on! Very exciting times! Although, it's rather strange coming away from such an epic day and heading back on 8 London Underground tubes just to get back to a call centre to make up the pennies until the job of a lifetime... bizarre! meh! 

The first fitting... all custom made.... Extremely lucky! More to follow!!! 

Monday, 24 June 2013

So look what arrived today

Soooooooo excited by this... Better get learning! Big day tomorrow ... Photos to follow.... Greeeeeeeeennnn! 

Waiting in the big smoke

So... I've finally popped my blogger cherry! I'm waiting in this big smoke before I reveal some exciting news and set off around the UK! 

Expect lots of stagey posts, fashion & the odd ransoms also! Maybe a few Welsh one-liners along the way... Who knows eh?